chuck love
...Du gibst mir das Gefühl ein Mensch zu sein...<3....

"And if it's hard sometimes but it's good enough for me?"
"Have you ever walked thrue a room and it was more like the room dansed around you?"
"She's a myth that I have to believe in ... all I need to make it real, is one more reason"
"If one day the trees could speak they'd say very mean things"
"she walks with a limp tonight,we fear she's lost the fight.."
-dave clar.K f.T chicks on spee.D

...Aber auch nur weil ich weiss das Schmerzen menschlich sind und ich nie so geblutet
und gelitten habe wie in den Momenten als die Liebe zu dir am stärksten war...

..**...CaN yOu...**..
be mine? be honest? be real? be here? be more?

..**...WiLL yOu...**..
stay now? stay real? stay with me? stay in front of me?

will you just do what you do best? ... Ignoring me and in the end .. KILLING ME
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